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She sat curled up in a corner of the cold, hard room hugging her knees close to her chest with her head hiding in them as she cried for about the millionth time since being sent to this place. Swept under the rug for being different. Even the most mentally unstable or most evil being did not deserve to be locked up in such a dark, cruel place.

She cradled her arm close to her, still bleeding since the doctors-if you could call them that-had tried bloodletting earlier in the day. She rested her head against the cold, damp wall, allowing it to sooth her hot and throbbing head.

Morgan was a little different, she could see and talk to the dead, sometimes had visions, mostly destructive and dangerous and could communicate with animals. She had tried to hide it after her mother and step-dad’s reactions when she said that she saw her father but not all spirits liked being ignored and caused problems. Then there were the visions, she couldn’t control when they came and she often went into a fit when having them, not nearly as easy to hide until finally they had enough and sent her away.

The heavy metal door and a ‘nurse’ came into the room to check her arm and scrubbed the blood away before changing the bandages, none to gently either before leaving once again. Many of the guards and even some nurses were convicts with brief medical training, other than that they had just as much free reign on the island as the doctors so long as they were not allowed to leave.

May 17, 2013
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